116% Profit From Tech Stocks At eToro In 2020

In April, I was looking for a “zero-commission” broker and chose eToro. In this post, I would like to preserve my 2020 eToro trading statistics for future reference.


I had a 116.03% profit compared to 16.26% profit of S&P500 and 43.64% of NASDAQ100. You can look at my stats on eToro pages.

My portfolio against S&P500 and NASDAQ100 since foundation in April.


My risk score was 7 for the first three months which is a little bit more than a popular (or any other) investor should have. It was mainly because I had most positions opened with a different broker so I didn’t bother to diversify my portfolio also at eToro. However, as I moved more and more funds there, I build a diversified portfolio that is worth to copy and my maximum risk score settled on 6. The maximum daily drawdown of 4.99% is a lot but the year 2020 was pretty volatile and those numbers are still pretty good at the eToro platform.

Risk score calculated by eToro.


My 2020 portfolio consisted mainly of the tech stock that supports cloud, work-from-home, EV cars, gaming, and cybersecurity. The best performing stock was the NIO carmaker that I first bought at $3.24, did a couple of trades, and close the last position at $44.62.

Asset Management

Assets under my management were more than $500k at the end of a year. It was a really unique learning opportunity because psychology, which is so important for trading and investing, is changing when dealing with other people’s money.


2020 was an exceptional year. Covid pandemic hit the whole planet and stocks fell sharply. On the other hand, the digitalization trend fueled by work-from-home necessity boosted tech companies that supported us in those hard times with products and services that allowed us to stay connected with colleagues and family.

Join me and copy my trades at eToro.

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